Community Wildfire Protection Plans

In 2010, OVFSC created the first, and only, CWPP for Ventura County. Since that time, the Hazard Analysis in the 2010 has been updated in the Ventura County Fire Protection District Unit Strategic Plan. The 2010 CWPP in the process of being updated, led by Ventura Regional Fire Safe Council.

Our comprehensive Wildfire Risk Mitigation Strategy is designed and intended to expand upon the traditional elements of a CWPP for increased community-level capacity for wildfire prevention, preparedness, response and recovery, and overall community resilience. However, the Risk Mitigation Strategy, the Road Map, and underlying projects and assessments, will be integrated into the updated Countywide CWPP. The planning for the countywide CWPP also included area-specific CWPPs for areas that have unique challenges for wildfire safety and higher levels of risk. The Ojai Valley is one of those areas, and the OVFSC is currently seeking funding to develop our own Ojai Valley CWPP. This CWPP will be both a standalone planning document for the Ojai Valley and be integrated into, and complement, the Countywide CWPP.

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