Rebuilding and Resiliency: How We Need to Handle Wildfires From Now On

In this two-part virtual event, we’ll discuss what rebuilding and resiliency means in fire-prone California and the Western U.S.

California has been hit hard in recent years by wildfires, but the deadliest and most destructive one in its history was the Camp Fire. One the morning of November 9, 2018, a spark turned into a firestorm that barreled through the town of Paradise, killing 85 people, causing several firefighters injuries and displacing 50,000 residents.

As we near the two-year anniversary of the Camp Fire, CalMatters examines the issues and the experiences around California wildfires through the lens of Rebuilding Paradise, a new documentary by Academy Award-winning director Ron Howard. Inspired by his mother-in-law who used to live in Paradise, Howard’s film combines heart-pounding visuals of fast-moving wildfire, heart-breaking takes of people whose lives were ravaged by disaster, and a heart-warming story about a shaken community that finds resiliency by coming together to recover what was lost and start rebuilding.

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Oct 21 2020


5:00 am - 6:30 pm