How to Prepare


Any plant will burn under the right conditions. Simply choosing plants from a “fire-safe” plant list is often not enough. Rather, use the “Right Plant, Right Place” principles and apply routine maintenance to build a robust, fire-adapted landscape. There is a host of online information, such as the University of California’s Fire Resistant Plants page, as well as local resources such as the wildfire demonstration garden at the Ventura County Resource Conservation District built to display fire-wise plant selections and defensible space, or The Santa Barbara Botanical Garden which provides information and examples of local native fire resistant plants.

Another great local resource is the Santa Barbara City Fire Department Firescape Garden. This 1.7 acre garden can be toured to see how risks of wildfire can be reduced through appropriate planting of low-water using plants, proper irrigation, and management. The demonstration garden is located at 2411 Stanwood Dr/Route 192  (on the corner of Mission Ridge Road), Santa Barbara. Parking is available across the street, next to Fire Station 7, and the Firescape Garden is free for the public to take a self-guided tour from 8 am to sunset every day.

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