All too often, CWPPs of this scale are agency-driven, and therefore reflect the priorities of that agency or agencies. Such CWPPs do not fully address the priorities of the community nor do such CWPPs build community-level capacity. It is important to remember that wildfires deemed catastrophic are less than 5% of the wildfires each year but do over 95% of the damage. One of the characteristics of a catastrophic wildfire is the response capacity of the public safety resources are overwhelmed and the community must fend for itself for a period of time, particularly those critical first hours of a fast-moving wildfire and during the recovery phase following the event. This was true of the Thomas Fire and will be so for any future wildfire and other large-scale natural disasters.

We are putting the community back into our Community Wildfire Protection Plan. This is your Plan and we need your participation. This CWPP is an opportunity for diverse community stakeholders to meaningfully engage in the local wildfire risk reduction actions.

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While the OVFSC has obtained baseline funding for the development of the Ojai Valley CWPP and related studies, the full design and long-term realization of the holistic strategy outlined by the CWPP will require additional funding, including community support. Community support also enhances our ability to raise other funds to protect our community. Please join us by making a financial contribution to our community efforts. The OVFSC is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt community-based organization and your donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent provided by federal law.