2010 Ventura County Community Protection Plan (CWPP) Update

The 2010 Ventura County CWPP, created by the Ojai Valley Fire Safe Council, is currently being updated in a multi-year process in collaboration with Ventura Regional Fire Safe Council, Ventura County Resource Conservation District, Bell Canyon Fire Safe Council, and Ventu Park Fire Safe Council. Due to the unique wildfire challenges of the Ojai Valley, we will be preparing a local CWPP, which will be incorporated into the updated countywide CWPP.

Our comprehensive wildfire risk mitigation strategy is designed and intended to expand upon the traditional elements of a CWPP for increased community capacity for wildfire prevention, preparedness, response and recovery, and overall community resilience. However, the risk mitigation strategy, and the underlying projects and the outcomes of assessments will also be integrated into both the local and updated countywide CWPP.

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