Structural Hardening

The overall goal for increasing community capacity for structural hardening is to reduce vulnerabilities of residential losses to wildland/WUI fire threats at the individual home and neighborhood levels. This includes targeting the loss of life, private property, financial resources and impacts to short- and long-term recovery.

This sub-proposal has two main components:

  • NFPA Structure Ignition Potential Assessment Training (three 2-day sessions with a target of 140 trained volunteers).
  • Target Home Ignition Potential Assessments
    • Initial set of Assessment of the Foster Park Community (see below)
    • Homes within strategic, prioritized zones with a minimum target of at least 500 homes annually starting in Year 2 following training and initial assessments.

Due to the size of the Ojai Valley, the structural hardening project will be phased initially to focus on a pilot neighborhood, and then scaled up across the remaining Ojai Valley in stages. By raising awareness of home ignition zone hardening for individual residents by neighborhood, individuals and communities will be empowered to directly reduce the risk of their own home being ignited/lost due to wildland fire exposure, wildland firebrands and/or their neighbor’s home. This is a grass-roots effort that aims to not only develop individual awareness and resiliency, but also empower residents to effect change themselves and take ownership in their role and their neighbors’ role in reducing loss of private property.

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